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Annexation Information

Thunderbird Fire Fire District is a tax-supported entity, a subdivision of the state of Arizona. Thunderbird Fire District services part of unincorporated Maricopa in Pinal County, including the Thunderbird Farms area and Hidden Valley. The areas that we serve are not incorporated and would not have these services except for the creation of the Fire District.

The fire department is dispatched by Pinal County (via the 911 system). The Thunderbird Fire Department actively participates in mutual aid agreements with other fire departments in the our area.

According to Arizona statutes, properties which are adjacent to Fire District boundaries may be eligible to be annexed into the District. The Boundary Change Request to the District listing the address, parcel number, owners name(s) and complete legal description must be submitted to the Fire District as the first step in the annexation process. The request will be checked against county records to verify eligibility and sent to to Pinal County Board of Supervisors. Verified requests received seven or more days prior to the monthly scheduled District Board meeting may be voted on in resolution form at that meeting. Requests received after that date would be held for a the next meeting. You can find the Boundry Change Request Form below.

Unincorporated county areas within our Fire District that are not currently part of the district may be subject to service fees associated with the type of emergencies encountered.  To avoid these fees along with homeowners insurance challenges and high premiums, we would like to give the opportunity for property owners to annex into the Fire District.

Properties which are verified and voted on by the Thunderbird Fire District Board will be immediately accepted into the District. Thunderbird Fire District will register said property with all appropriate government agencies and notify the resident upon completion and acceptance.

Download Boundary Change Request

*All forms must have original wet signatures NO typed or electronic signatures will be accepted.

Thunderbird Fire District Annexation Request Form.pdf

If you are not in the area that you can annex into the district you have the option to subscribe.

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